The STARSHADE is a tent which combines a maximum functionality with a fast building and many other applications:
- Stylish partytent (can be sealed of)
- Meeting point in bigger events
- Demonstration room
- On a trade fair
- Promotiontent and eye-catcher (Printed with your logo)

Building - packing:

The Starshade can be build up with two persons within 30 minutes.
The packing is limited to the minimum and easy to carry.


The fabric of the tent of the Starshade consists of polyester cloth 500 denier, UV-protection, resistant to water and fire resistant.
The pole is devided into 5 parts en made of anodize aluminium.


We have a large variation of accessories for the Starshade to increase the functionality and the visibility of the tent: Windproof sidewalls, lights, weights for placing the tent on a hard base, special anchoring pins, ...

Krekels - Position in the market:

We are the leader of the market in Europe in the development and sale of the StarShade (by Krekels deposited brand). We aim to improve the product, the printing and lots of the accessories, continuously.

Krekels - Salesstructure:

Our salesteam consists of 6 people who serve our customers within the Benelux without any intermediaries. In the other countries of Europe we cooperate with dealers.

Krekels - Service:

Service for sale:
- We provide a honnest and professional advise.
- We give a demonstration of how to work with the tent.
- We make a grafic design in advance.
- We are competitive in price and quality.

After-sales service:
- We can be reached 7/7 and 24/24 by our customers.
- We can provide an education for building and how to use the tent.
- We have spare parts on stock.
- We clean and repair the tents.

Read here the reacions of our customer who use the Starshade.

Message too people who sell copies of our Starshade:

Intellectual property: The brandname 'Starshade' is a deposited brand by Krekels (Trade mark nr: 006698708). Therefore it is prohibited to use the brand for naming copies of the tent.
Pictures: These are also property of Krekels and may not be taken from our website to promote your own tents.
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